Friday, September 14, 2012

Food Goals vs. Fitness Goals

I've started working on Goal # 71.

So far, I have made a yummy Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread that I pinned from Lovin' in the Oven

and yesterday I baked the Apple-Cream Cheese Bundt Cake pinned from the My Recipes website.

Both were super delicious and great for breakfast (Mr. Brick has been doing a job that requires him to leave at 4:30 am so I omitted the frosting on the apple cake so he could just grab a slice and go.)
If you have a kitchen scale and you're nerdy like me, I have all the gram weight measurements for the case you are interested. :-)

I think I better start making some of the recipes from my Healthy Foods pinboard, too or else my fitness goals will never happen.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drum roll, please...Here are my 103s

Grow Strong in Spirit
1. Study each book of the New Testament (In Progress)
2. Pray in my Prayer Journal every day (16/1003)
3. Memorize 16 favorite Bible verses (0/16)
4. Pray with someone as they accept Christ into their life
5. Host a Bible study/life group in our home

Serve & Bless Others
6. Go on a mission trip
7. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
8. Give secretly to someone in need
9. Cheerfully tithe 10% of our income (IP)
10. Donate blood
11. Leave a tip equal to or larger than the bill
12. Pay for a stranger's meal at a restaurant

Family Fun...& Stuff
13. Take Cupcake Girl to a drive-in movie
14. Move to a new home
15. Get Mr. Brick's, Cupcake Girl's and my passports
16. Spend a weekend at a beach house
17. Host a gingerbread house decorating get-together
18. Do Mr. Brick's family genealogy
19. Spend a weekend in a mountain cabin
20. Sort & organize all the family photos on the
        computer and back them up

Sharpen my Mind
21. Complete a Spanish language course
22. Read 66 books (0/66) (IP)
23. Choose a song & learn to play it on the piano
24. Take a continuing education course at a local college
25. Complete "Merriam-Webster's 3,000 Word Vocab. Builder"
26. Memorize all the presidents in order

 Learn by Doing 
27. Take a beginner DSLR photography class
28. Take a motorcycle licensing class
29. Make a quilt for our bed
30. Make a traditional quilt completely by hand
31. Enter a quilt into a quilt show
32. Complete a 365-Day Photo Challenge
33. Knit a shawl
34. Complete my large cross-stitch sampler
35. Complete my pumpkin wall-hanging quilt
36. Sew an apron
37. Complete the "365: Make Something Every Day" journal
38. Shoot an arrow from a bow (and actually hit a target)
39. Finish my "Wreck this Journal" book
40. Take at least 6 weeks of horseback riding lessons

 Become Strong & Fit
41. Run a 5k in less than 30 minutes
42. Run a 10k
43. Run a half marathon
44. Do a warrior/mud course run
45. Take swimming lessons
46. Do a sprint triathlon
47. Do each of my exercise dvds at least once (0/33)
48. Strength train at least once a week (1/155)
49. Be able to do 3 pull-ups
50. Run a race back on Long Island
51. Fit into my "Running on Faith" shirt & wear it in a race
52. Run 1,003 miles overall (0/1,003)
53. Take at least 6 weeks of some form of martial arts

54. Fly in a plane (& survive!!)
55. Race at a drag strip when it's open to street cars
56. Go to a shooting range
57. Get my motorcycle license
58. Go skiing
59. Go on a day hike in the mountains
60. Find a roller rink & go roller-skating
61. Visit 10 more attractions from the Unusual USA book (0/10)
62. Visit the Southernmost point of the continental US
63. Shop part of the World's Longest Yard Sale
64. Visit the Grand Canyon
65. Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean

Mmm...Food Fun
66. Make 75% of the recipes in one cookbook that I own
67. Try 13 new crockpot recipes (0/13)
68. Bake bread from scratch (no mixer/ no bread machine)
69. Eat vegetarian for 3 months
70. Grow pie pumpkins/make puree with them & then make a pie
71. Make 16 recipes from my Pinterest boards (2/16)
72. Try 10 local (non-chain) restaurants (0/10)
73. Make 75% of the recipes in my juicing book
74. Create a basic monthly menu rotation
75. Make a recipe with dried beans
76. Make a recipe with tofu
77. Grow tomatoes & make a sauce with them
78. Try 3 new recipes from each cookbook I own

Be a Good Steward
79. Get a job
80. Complete step 1 of our Financial Peace class
81. Pay off Debt Snowball #1
82. Pay off Debt Snowball #2
83. Pay off Debt Snowball #3
84. Pay off Debt Snowball #4
85. Pay off Debt Snowball #5
86. Pay off Debt Snowball #6
87. Pay off Debt Snowball #7
88. Pay off Debt Snowball #8
89. Pay off Debt Snowball #9
90. Pay off Debt Snowball #10
91. Save deposit & first month's rent for a new home
92. Save for & buy a new mattress
93. Have the jewelry Louis found appraised
94. Save for & buy a DSLR camera
95. Sell or give away all leftover curricula (IP)

96. Create a home-keeping schedule & use it
97. Clean out carport
98. Clean out & organize shed
99. No television for 3 weeks (yeah, I said it :-)
100. Use only homemade/all natural cleaners for 3 months
101. Clean up my Nova & do the repairs to get it on the road again
102. Write a letter to myself to be opened 5/21/2015
103. Create another list of 103 awesome adventures to do when these are done!!

 Dear Lord, these are the things I would like to do. Please help me to 
recognize which of these goals I should take on and which can be 
removed from my list or saved for another time. I'm excited to begin this 
journey with You as You direct my steps. In Your awesome Name, Amen!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

103 Adventures in 1,003 Days...aka "101 Things in 1,001 Days" (I couldn't narrow it down to 101)

Found out about a project on the internet called the Day Zero Project and thought it would be a fun way to get off of, what I affectionately like to call, Someday Isle..."Someday I'll do this." "Someday I'll do that."
Most of us have been there, at one time or another: sitting in our Adirondack chairs with our list of dreams, looking off into the distance.

I'm hoping Project Zero helps me paddle out and explore some of the things on my adventure to-do list, learn a little about myself and share some fun with others. Won't you join me?